Brown Rice Spinach Pulao Or Palak Pulao

Spinach or palak pulao with brown rice. Absolutely delicious and flavorful rice made with brown rice and palak or spinach leaves. Sharing the recipe with both brown and white basmati rice. A very easy to make one pot meal. Whatever rice you are using remember to consume moderately. You can make this in a jiffy, … Continue reading Brown Rice Spinach Pulao Or Palak Pulao

Bhater Kofta Or Rice Kofta

Bhater kofta or rice kofta. A very aromatic and delicious deep fried snack made with cooked rice, mawa/khoya or dried milk, saffron and some aromatic spices and coated with spiced curd/yogurt and semolina. Sounds interesting isn’t it? A wonderful recipe from a cookbook written by Pragagyasundari Devi, published on 1902. A very old cookbook with … Continue reading Bhater Kofta Or Rice Kofta

Steamed Vegetable In Rice Cooker

Steamed vegetable in rice cooker. Vegetables are smeared with salt and herbs and steamed on banana leaf till vegetables become fork tender. An easy to cook delicious flavorful and nutritious dish without any oil. You can enjoy these steamed vegetables on it’s own as a salad or main dish. Or you can also serve this … Continue reading Steamed Vegetable In Rice Cooker

Mushroom Egg Fried Rice

Mushroom egg fried rice. A delicious and nutritious one pot meal with sweet corn and green peas. You can use carrot, baby corn, cauliflower, beans or any vegetable of your choice. An easy and quick to make yet absolutely delicious and flavorful rice. You can also use leftover rice to make this fried rice. You … Continue reading Mushroom Egg Fried Rice

Mix Vegetable Fried Rice

Mix Vegetable Fried rice. Fried rice with all the seasonal vegetables. An aromatic, no onion garlic and easy to make rice dish from Bengali cuisine. You will love the delectable taste and flavour. Fried carrots, French beans, cauliflower, green peas ,cashew nuts and raisins made this rice absolutely delicious. You can use whatever vegetables you … Continue reading Mix Vegetable Fried Rice

Saffron Rice With Pickled Jalapeno And Ginger Julienne

Saffron rice with pickled jalapeno and ginger julienne. A no onion garlic aromatic rice with fried paneer or cottage cheese cubes, saffron or kesar and all the aromatic whole spices. Easy to make and absolutely delicious one pot rice dish. You can enjoy it without any side dish. Add lots of dry fruits of your … Continue reading Saffron Rice With Pickled Jalapeno And Ginger Julienne

Easy Pulao Or One Pot Rice

Easy to make spicy aromatic and delicious pulao. You need only onion, garlic, tomato and some spices to make this one pot meal. You can use tomato ginger garlic paste if you want. Or use everything finely chopped, grated or minced. Do as per your convenience. This pulao is enough spicy and delicious but you … Continue reading Easy Pulao Or One Pot Rice

Corn Peas Barista Fried Rice Or Pulao

Corn peas barista fried rice or pulao. If you have rice and barista or fried onions ready then you can make it in a jiffy. A perfect rice dish for your party. Just prepare the rice and barista earlier. You can keep both in refrigerator. Fry and combine everything before serving. Easy isn’t it? You … Continue reading Corn Peas Barista Fried Rice Or Pulao

Rice Appe Or Paddu With Cooked Rice

Appe/paddu with cooked rice. A spicy, delicious and easy to make appe/paddu or kuzhi paniyaram. This appe is made of cooked rice, you can also use leftover rice. Serve hot in breakfast or as a snack. It also taste great in room temperature. Its known by various names in South India including paddu, appe, guliappa, … Continue reading Rice Appe Or Paddu With Cooked Rice

Black Rice Pudding And Mango Parfait

Dairy free black rice pudding and mango parfait. Pudding made of black rice or forbidden rice, coconut milk and organic jaggery powder. If you want you can also make it with sugar or brown sugar. Serve the pudding chilled or make it parfait with mango or any other fruit. Black rice is quite popular in … Continue reading Black Rice Pudding And Mango Parfait