Desserts For Raksha Bandhan 

​Happy Raksha bandhan in advance.  Celebration of the occasions brings the family together. Relationships are the essence of all the Indian festivals. Raksha bandhan or Rakhi is a celebration of such relationship, of brothers and sisters.  This festival celebrates the bond of affection between brothers and sisters. On this day siblings pray for each others … Continue reading Desserts For Raksha Bandhan 

Maamoul Cookies / Date Filled Semolina cookies

Maamoul cookies or date filled semolina cookies. A famous Arab dessert which is usually made on festival time. Mouth melting, scented and lightly sweetened date stuffed cookies taste divine. These cookies can be made with different fillings, like dates, pistachios, walnuts, almond or fig. Cookie dough shaped with a wooden mould. And most interesting is … Continue reading Maamoul Cookies / Date Filled Semolina cookies

Caramel Custard

Eggless caramel custard. Today sharing one of my favourite dessert. Its my 500 post on the blog. Thanks to all my readers for your love, support and encouragement. You don’t need gelatin or agar agar, eggs or bread to make this caramel pudding. Even you don’t need oven because it is steamed pudding. Very easy … Continue reading Caramel Custard

Mango Raisin Overnight Oats With Chai Masala Extract And Mixed Seeds

Mango raisin overnight oats with chai masala and mixed seeds. A completely no cook, healthy, filling, aromatic, creamy and absolutely delicious recipe for breakfast. Overnight oat is a great breakfast option specially in summer. Enjoy the creamy delicious oats as a dessert with any flavour, fruits, dry fruits and seeds of your choice. Just mix … Continue reading Mango Raisin Overnight Oats With Chai Masala Extract And Mixed Seeds

Whole Wheat Milk Bread With Mixed Seeds

Whole wheat milk bread with mixed seeds. A healthy breakfast bread made with whole wheat flour and mixed seeds. Serve crisp toasted bread with butter, jam or any spread or make sandwiches. Mixed seeds will make your bread more nutritious. You may like some more bread recipes on this blog. Click on the name below … Continue reading Whole Wheat Milk Bread With Mixed Seeds

Mango Salsa With Pickled Jalapeno

Mango salsa with pickled Jalapeno. One more easy no cook recipe in a row with mouthwatering taste. Serve it as a snack, side dish or salad and enjoy the tangy spicy taste. Raw mango, lemon juice, green chilli, freshly crushed black pepper, pickled Jalapeno and some other ingredients made this salsa perfectly tongue tickling and … Continue reading Mango Salsa With Pickled Jalapeno

Mint Rasgulla

Mint rasgulla or mint ( pudina) flavoured rasgulla. A very refreshing spongy soft mint flavored rasgulla. Serve chilled or room temperature, taste is absolutely divine. You don’t need to buy rasgulla from sweet shop. You can make it easily at home. To make perfect rasgulla read all the tips and tricks here. Just remember milk … Continue reading Mint Rasgulla

Paneer In Mustard gravy/Chhanar Sorshe Jhal

Paneer in mustard gravy or chhanar sorshe jhal. A delicious no onion garlic curry from Bengali cuisine. Mustard, poppy seeds, green chilli and tomato made this curry spicy, flavourful and mouthwatering. I have used homemade paneer or cottage cheese. Get the recipe here. You need only mustard powder, poppy seed, green chilli and tomato paste, … Continue reading Paneer In Mustard gravy/Chhanar Sorshe Jhal

Gluten Free Cardamom Rose Muffins With Cashews And Almonds

Gluten free eggless cardamom rose muffins with nuts. Aromatic and delicious muffins with oats, soybean flour and flavoured with cardamom and rose. You will love the aroma and soft texture of these muffins. And nobody can recognize oats in it. My oats hater family members also loved the taste. These mildly sweetened rose flavoured muffins … Continue reading Gluten Free Cardamom Rose Muffins With Cashews And Almonds

Buckwheat Waterchestnut And Banana Halwa

Buckwheat or kuttu atta,Waterchestnut or singhara atta/flour and banana halwa. Gluten free, delicious and healthy dessert. This hot halwa is perfect for this cold weather. And its also a tasty and filling fasting recipe. Nutritious buckwheat flour, low calorie Waterchestnut flour, banana, jaggery and little ghee or clarified butter made this halwa super yummy. You … Continue reading Buckwheat Waterchestnut And Banana Halwa