Collection Of Eggless Fruit Cake

Collection of eggless fruit cake. Here are some fruit cake recipes with different flours. You can get sugar free cake recipe for diet conscious people. And also some gluten free and vegan fruit cake recipes. Try the guilt free cakes or some with sugar cakes and enjoy the upcoming festival. Click on the name or picture below for recipe.

Dundee Cake

Mixed taste of almond, lemon, orange, blackberry preserve, cardamom and cinnamon made this cake super yummy and aromatic.

Suji/rawa or semolina cake

A cake with all the ingredients we use on sankranti. Loaded with dry fruits, mawa, til or sesame seeds, coconut and flavoured with cardamom and caramel.

Diet cake or fruit cake

A delicious treat for diet conscious people. A completely guilt free cake. Super healthy for kiddos and perfect for health watchers.
Even diabetic people can eat it.
Its APF less, butter less, egg less and yes sugar less too. Even frosting is butter less and sugar less.

Whole wheat fruit cake

Egg less, butter less and APF less super soft fruit cake. You will love it’s mild flavor of orange and spices. The cake is healthy because of whole wheat flour and lots of dry fruits.
You don’t need overnight soaked dry fruits. Very easy to make yet absolutely delicious.

Eggless Christmas Cake

Egg less fruit cake. Super soft, moist, flavourful and loaded with dry fruits. No, not rum soaked its caramel soaked dry fruits cake or Christmas cake.
Very easy to make, no fuss and aromatic cake for this special accession.

Gluten free and vegan fruit cake

Eggless gluten free and vegan fruit cake. Made of Soyabean flour and oats and loaded with dry fruits. Dry fruits are not rum soaked. You don’t need to soak the dry fruits for long periods. Just soak in orange juice for overnight. The cake is spiced with star anise, green cardamom, cloves and cinnamon.

Gluten free jaggery fruit cake

Gluten free fruit cake with amaranth flour or rajgira atta, sorghum flour or jowar atta and soybean flour. Vegan people can replace honey with jaggery.
A delicious aromatic festive cake loaded with dry fruits and flavoured with all the spices and chocolate. Try and feel the burst of taste and flavour. Blend of three healthy gluten free flour, tea soaked dry fruits, flavorful spices, cocoa, jaggery and honey made this cake super soft, moist, mouthwatering and healthy.

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