Date Walnut Fudge Or Barfi

Date walnut fudge or barfi.
One more sugar free sweet for you.
No artificial sweetener added. Sweetened with date.
You can make this yummy and guilt free sweet as a Diwali treat for your friends or guests.

Sending this post to A to Z challenge, a challenge initiated on Facebook Group, created by Jolly and Vidya.
Wherein a group of bloggers come together and we choose key ingredients alphabetically to cook and post a dish every alternate month. This month’s Alphabet is D. And my humble contribution is this delicious and healthy date walnut fudge or barfi.



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Dates are not only delicious but they are also very nutritious. They are good source of various vitamins, calcium, minerals, fiber, antioxidants etc. And dates have the potential to help regulate blood sugar due to their low glycemic index.

I have used walnut in it.
Walnuts are round, single-seeded stone fruits that grow from the walnut tree. They are a good source of healthful fats, protein, and fiber. They may enhance heart and bone health and help in weight management, among other benefits.
The possible health benefits of walnuts may include boosting the cardiovascular system and bone health, reducing the risk of gallbladder disease, and treating epilepsy.
Read more about health benefits of walnut here.

These fudge are very easy to make. I have used only 3 ingredients to make it. And sprinkled little almond to garnish. I have used homemade khoya or dried milk/milk solid, you can also use store bought. If you are using store bought mawa or dried milk just grate before using.


Khoya/mawa or dried milk/milk solid – 1 cup

Dates – 1/2 cup, chopped

Walnut – 1/3 cup, finely chopped

Shredded almond to garnish


1. Grease a plate with oil or ghee/clarified butter or butter.

2. Soak the chopped dates in hot water. Add water just to soak dates. Don’t add much.

3. Let it cool down.
Mash the soaked dates with a spoon or hand.

4. Mix khoya/mawa or dried milk, soaked and mashed dates and chopped walnut.

5. Heat a nonstick pan or heavy bottom pan.

6. Add the mixture and cook on low flame till the mixture lightly change it’s colour and leaves the sides.

7. Remove from heat.
I didn’t add any flavour because I wanted to retain the aroma of dates but if you want you can add 1/2 teaspoon cardamom powder or rose water and mix well.

8. Transfer the mixture into the greased plate.

9. Spread and level with a spatula.

10. Sprinkle shredded almonds and press gently with the spatula.

11. Keep in refrigerator to set for 15 – 30 minutes.

12. Cut into your desired shape.

Enjoy the guilt free dessert on this festive season.


If you want more sweetness then you can add little more soaked dates.

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