Steamed/Bhapa Sandesh With Date Palm Jaggery



October November is festival time in India. And we have to make some sweets to celebrate the joyous occasions.

Here is a very easy and quick recipe of steamed or bhapa sandesh.

A delicious steamed sandesh made in microwave. I made it with date palm jaggery or khajur gur you can make it with sugar too.

If you don’t have date palm jaggery follow the recipe with sugar. You can find it at the end of jaggery recipe.

Try it and enjoy the heavenly taste. We need only two ingredients and little cardamom powder.



Chhena/cottage cheese or paneer – 1 and 1/4 cup

Jaggery- less than 1/2 cup or to taste

Cardamom powder –  a pinch


In a bowl take the paneer/cottage cheese (paneer shouldn’t too dry) and jaggery (add little less, after mixing taste it, add more if require). Mix it well.

Add cardamom powder and knead it nicely until you get soft and smooth texture. You can use a grinder too.

Now take a microwavable bowl grease it with little ghee/clarified butter and pour the mixture in it.

Microwave it in high for 5-8 minutes.

Its ready now let it cool down at room temperature then put the container in refrigerator for half an hour. Cut it and enjoy the heavenly taste.

Recipe with sugar

Paneer/cottage cheese of 2 liters milk

Sugar-7 tablespoon or as per taste

Cardamom powder – 1/4 teaspoon


In a bowl put paneer ( it should be soft) add sugar and mix nicely.

When it gets soft and smooth add the cardamom powder. Knead it again with your palm or grind it

Now make it like jaggery sandesh. Follow the microwave method recipe.

Garnish with tutti fruity, cherry or dry fruits. Keep it in the refrigerator for half an hour.