Paan Sandesh Or Betel Leaf Flavoured Sandesh 

Paan sandesh or betel leaf flavoured sandesh.

A very delicious paan or betel leaf flavoured Bengali sweet made of cottage cheese or paneer. You can get some more different flavoured sandesh recipes here. Click on the name for recipes.

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Paan betel leaf is a traditional mouth freshener and digestive aid in India. Its popular due to it’s medicinal properties.

From using it in prayers and religious ceremonies to eating it in the form of a ‘paan’, betel leaves contain many curative and healing health benefits. The leaves are full of vitamins like vitamin C, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin and carotene and are a great source of calcium.

Betel leaf helps in treating diabetes, aids in weight loss, prevent oral cancer, heals wound, and cures headache.


Personally I love sweet paan or mitha pan. Which has flavourful and delicious ingredients like saunf or fennel seeds, rose petal jam or gulkand, cardamom etc wrapped in a betel leaf.

So I have added this sweet paan flavour in these sandesh.

I have used Gulkand, saunf or fennel seeds, betel leaves and cardamom in this sandesh. To make the taste similar to sweet paan or mitha paan.

I have added a pinch of green colour in it but you can omit the colour. Your sandesh will be naturally light green colour for using betel leaves.

I have used fresh homemade paneer or cottage cheese. You can use store bought paneer in it, just crumble the paneer before using.

Video recipe of this delectable sweet


Paneer – 1 cup, tightly packed

Paan leaves – 2, chopped

Milk powder – 4 tablespoon

Sugar – 4 tablespoon

Gulkand – 2 tablespoon

cardamom powder – 1/2 teaspoon

Fennel seeds or sounf – 1/2 teaspoon

Green food colour – little, optional


1. Blend or grind chopped betel leaves, fennel seeds or saunf, gulkand and sugar.

2. Add crumbled paneer, milk powder and cardamom powder with betel leaves, fennel seeds, gulkand and sugar mixture. Blend or grind into a smooth paste.

3. Take out the mixture in a plate. If you want to use colour add a pinch of powder food colour or 1-2 drop gel colour and mix well.

4. Heat a pan. Cook the mixture on low flame. Stir continuously.

5. When the mixture becomes a dough like consistency remove from the heat. Don’t make it too dry.

Let it cool down.

6. Grease the moulds with little ghee or clarified butter.

7. Mash the mixture with your palm to make it smooth.

8. Make small balls and make desired shape with greased moulds. Or you can keep them as a small round balls. Or give any shape with your hand.

9. Serve immediately or keep in refrigerator and serve chilled.

You can keep them in refrigerator for 4-5 days.

Enjoy the paan flavoured yummy sandesh.

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