Chocolate Stuffed Chocolate Sandesh








Stuffed chocolate sandesh.
Sandesh or shondesh is a Bengali dessert made with cottage cheese and sugar with different flavours.

Cottage cheese or paneer/chhena made by curdling the milk and separating the whey from it.

This Bengali delicacy is very easy to make. Made of only three ingredients.
It can be made with date palm jaggery too.

Today I made chocolate filled chocolate sandesh. I used store bought chocolate sauce, you can use home made too.




Cottage cheese/paneer/chhena – 2 cup

Sugar  1/2 cup

Cocoa powder  – 2 heaped teaspoon

Chocolate sauce  – 2-3 drops for every sandesh.

Chocolate pieces – 1 for every sandesh  (optional)



Take a large plate. Put the cottage cheese on it. Knead and mash with your palm for 5 minutes or till it becomes smooth.

Add cocoa powder and sugar. Knead it again.
You can grind them too for easier process.

Now cook the mixture on low flame stirring continuously.
Cook until cottage cheese starts coming together as soft dough.

Cook only for 5-6 minutes to take out the rawness. Don’t overcook. Dough should be soft not grainy.

Let it cool for some time. Knead it again till soft and smooth.
Make small balls out of the mixture.

Take one ball and flatten it on your palm. Put 2-3 drops chocolate sauce in the center. Bring together all the sides and close it.

Give shape as you like, square or round.
Place a piece of chocolate on it.

Your chocolate filled chocolate sandesh is ready.
Enjoy the heavenly chocolaty taste.


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