Chicken Clear Soup



Chicken soup, a popular home remedy for the common cold. And very easy to make.

Healthy easy to digest and packed with nutrition.
You can add any vegetables,  pasta or noodles to make it a wholesome one pot meal.

Chicken is a rich source of amino acid, good supply of protein content, essential vitamins and minerals. Its also helps in losing weight and blood pressure control.

A hot bowl of chicken soup warm you up and also drive away cold and flu.



Chicken  – 2 large pieces

Carrot  – 1/2 thick sliced

Onion  – 1 diced

Tomato  – 1 roughly chopped

Cloves  – 2-3

Cinnamon  – 1 small stick

Bay leaf  – 1

Spring onion  – 1 chopped

Lemon juice  – 1 teaspoon

Butter  – 1 teaspoon optional

Salt to taste

Black pepper powder to taste


Pressure cook chicken, carrot, onion, tomato, spring onion, bay leaf, clove and cinnamon with water for 5-6 whistle.

You can add vegetables of your choice. Add garlic with the chicken and vegetables if you like.

Let the pressure cooker cool down.
Strain the soup and boil it again.
Taste the salt. Add if require. Add black pepper powder.

Garnish with chopped spring onion or coriander leaves.
Serve hot with lemon juice.

You can add a spoon full of butter if you like.
Enjoy the hot bowl of soup in chilled weather.