Chilli Rasgulla Or Green Chilli Infused Rasgulla

Green chilli infused or green chilli flavoured rasgulla or chilli rasgulla. Yes, sweet spongy delicious rasgulla in a new flavour. Slightly hotness of green chilli made these rasgulla more yummy. Rasgulla is an Indian syrupy dessert popular in the Indian subcontinent and regions with South Asian diaspora. It is made from ball-shaped dumplings of chhena … Continue reading Chilli Rasgulla Or Green Chilli Infused Rasgulla

Mint Rasgulla

Mint rasgulla or mint ( pudina) flavoured rasgulla. A very refreshing spongy soft mint flavored rasgulla. Serve chilled or room temperature, taste is absolutely divine. You don’t need to buy rasgulla from sweet shop. You can make it easily at home. To make perfect rasgulla read all the tips and tricks here. Just remember milk … Continue reading Mint Rasgulla

Rasgulla Or Rosogolla With Tips And Tricks

Rasgulla or rosogolla. A popular dessert made with ball shaped paneer/chhena or cottage cheese dumplings cooked in light sugar syrup.I love date palm jaggery or khajur gur rasgulla. In winter I usually make it with only date palm jaggery. But this time I have very little jaggery so I have used half gur or jaggery … Continue reading Rasgulla Or Rosogolla With Tips And Tricks

Savoury Rasgulla Korma 

Savoury rasgulla korma. Yes, you heard right, it is savoury rasgulla. We know that rasgulla is a famous sweet of Bengal and Odisha. But today I am sharing this famous rasgulla with a twist. I have made these rasgulla in salted water instead of sugar syrup. And dip them in a very delicious and flavourful … Continue reading Savoury Rasgulla Korma 

Mix Vegetable Fried Rice

Mix Vegetable Fried rice. Fried rice with all the seasonal vegetables. An aromatic, no onion garlic and easy to make rice dish from Bengali cuisine. You will love the delectable taste and flavour. Fried carrots, French beans, cauliflower, green peas ,cashew nuts and raisins made this rice absolutely delicious. You can use whatever vegetables you … Continue reading Mix Vegetable Fried Rice

Paneer In Mustard gravy/Chhanar Sorshe Jhal

Paneer in mustard gravy or chhanar sorshe jhal. A delicious no onion garlic curry from Bengali cuisine. Mustard, poppy seeds, green chilli and tomato made this curry spicy, flavourful and mouthwatering. I have used homemade paneer or cottage cheese. Get the recipe here. You need only mustard powder, poppy seed, green chilli and tomato paste, … Continue reading Paneer In Mustard gravy/Chhanar Sorshe Jhal

Hazelnut Honey Chocolate Mango Smoothie

Hazelnut honey chocolate mango smoothie. Healthy delicious chocolaty and creamy smoothie. You can also serve it as a chilled dessert. Enjoy the chocolaty and lip-smacking taste. I have already shared lots of smoothies on this blog. Get the recipes here. If you are vegan use coconut milk, almond milk, soy milk or any non dairy … Continue reading Hazelnut Honey Chocolate Mango Smoothie

Okra / Lady’s Finger Or Bhindi Korma

Okra/lady’s finger or bhindi korma. Bored of regular bhindi or okra fry or masala stir fry? Try this restaurant style rich, spicy, aromatic and delicious gravy of okra. Never heard of bhindi korma right? Try it, I am sure you will love the taste. You can also make it as a party side dish. Everyone … Continue reading Okra / Lady’s Finger Or Bhindi Korma

Watermelon Salsa

Watermelon salsa. Here is a healthy and quick recipe for my 400 post. Thanks everyone for your love and support. Watermelon salsa is a perfect appetizer for summer. Very easy and quick to make. Just combine everything. Refrigerate for few minutes and enjoy. If you have mango, strawberry or any other fruit then you can … Continue reading Watermelon Salsa

Eggless Coconut Cupcakes

Eggless coconut cupcakes. Soft, moist and delicious cupcakes made with coconut. Adopted the recipe from Mayuri’s blog. Always love her delicious bakes. Now happy to share her recipe for my readers. Made this cupcakes today for Recipe swap challenge initiated by Jolly And Vidya. In this group members are paired up every alternate month. And … Continue reading Eggless Coconut Cupcakes