Ranga Aloor Pithe/Sweet Potato Dumplings

Ranga aloor pithe or sweet potato dumplings. A sankranti special delicacy from Bengali cuisine. Sugar syrup soaked and stuffud with mawa/dried or thickened milk, coconut and khajur gur or date palm jaggery dumplings taste heavenly. As I mentioned in my last year Sankranti post that in Bengal different types of pithe, puli, paesh or rice … Continue reading Ranga Aloor Pithe/Sweet Potato Dumplings

Crispy Bitter Gourd And Potato Or Aloo Karela / Less Oil Recipe

Crispy bitter gourd and potato or aloo karela. Crispy but cooked with only one teaspoon oil in halogen oven. You can also use your microwave or OTG to bake or grill the karela and potato in the same way. Or use your air fryer to fry with less oil. An easy to make yet delicious … Continue reading Crispy Bitter Gourd And Potato Or Aloo Karela / Less Oil Recipe

Sprouts Chaat And Aloo Or Potato Chaat With Sweet Corn

Sprouts and aloo or potato chaat with sweet corn. Both are very easy to make and delicious. Perfect tongue tickling, easy, quick and low calorie recipe for this hot weather. Just boil the potatoes or moong sprouts and mix everything. Serve as a evening snack or starter. You can also serve sprouts chaat as a … Continue reading Sprouts Chaat And Aloo Or Potato Chaat With Sweet Corn

Beetroot Greens With Beetroot And Potato

Beetroot greens with beetroot, potato and green peas. Packed with healthy nutrients and delicious no onion garlic stir fry with popular superfood beetroot and beetroot greens. Recipe is very easy and simple. You don’t need spices to make this delicious stir fry. Nigella seed or kalonji, green chilli and ginger with tomato, green peas, potato, … Continue reading Beetroot Greens With Beetroot And Potato

Spicy Potatoes With Tamarind

Spicy potatoes with tamarind. Lip-smacking dry baby potatoes coated with spices. A no onion garlic and easy to make dry curry. You can serve it as a side dish or also as a teatime snack. A completely gluten free and vegan dish. I always make it with fluffy puri or fulko luchi. Everyone loves potatoes … Continue reading Spicy Potatoes With Tamarind

No Onion Garlic Broccoli Potato Stir Fry

No onion garlic broccoli potato stir fry with Bengali bhaja moshla or roasted mixed spice powder. Very easy and quick recipe. Do you love broccoli? And Bored with same taste? Now here is a simple yet delicious recipe for broccoli and potato. But if you want you can skip potato and and make it with … Continue reading No Onion Garlic Broccoli Potato Stir Fry

Coriander Or Cilantro Red Potatoes

Coriander or cilantro red potatoes. A no onion garlic dry curry with small red potatoes. Its spicy and lip-smacking side dish. You can also serve it as a teatime snack. Cilantro or coriander leaves, tomato, green chilli and ginger makes it spicy and mouthwatering. Red potatoes are not only tasty but these are also nutritious. … Continue reading Coriander Or Cilantro Red Potatoes

Tender Drumstick Potato Dry Curry With Bengali Five Spices / Sojne Data Chochchori

Tender drumstick potato dry curry with Bengali five spices or sojne data chochchori. A very simple yet delicious Bengali recipe using panch phoran or Bengali five spices which is consists of fenugreek seeds or methi, Nigella seed or kalaunji, cumin seed or jeera, mustard seed or sarso and fennel seed or sounf. You don’t need … Continue reading Tender Drumstick Potato Dry Curry With Bengali Five Spices / Sojne Data Chochchori

Potato With Green Peas

Potatoes with green peas. A spicy, no onion garlic and delicious potato dish. Best accompany with puri, paratha, roti, dal chawal or make sandwich stuffing. Little different from nimona or green peas curry. I have used cilantro or coriander leaves with green peas for flavour but if you don’t like cilantro then you can omit … Continue reading Potato With Green Peas

Rosti Or Swiss Potato Pancake

  Rosti or you can call it potato pancake. Easy to make and perfect for breakfast or side dish. According to Wikipedia Rösti or röschti is a Swiss dish consisting mainly of potatoes, in the style of a fritter. It was originally a breakfast dish, commonly eaten by farmers in the canton of Bern, but … Continue reading Rosti Or Swiss Potato Pancake