Fruity Summer Cooler

Fruity summer cooler or fruit parfait with black grapes, strawberry and mango. You don’t need any sweetener to make this delicious fruit parfait. A super easy recipe that your kids can easily make and enjoy. Let’s introduce kids to the pleasure of making something for themselves.

Not only delicious but its also packed with nutrients because of three types of fruits. A glass with all the goodness of fresh fruits and without sugar or any sweetener. Glass looks beautiful, isn’t it? Clicked so many pictures 😀My daughter also couldn’t resist to click some pictures. Sharing two of her pictures. You can easily recognize her click 😊 Kids will love to enjoy this parfait even if they don’t like fruits. Who can say no to this lovely glass of parfait. Here are some more summer drinks for you.

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This week’s 290 #Foodiemonday bloghop theme is #RangBirange suggested by Sasmita who blog at First Timer Cook. Sasmita is a very talented blogger. You can get many wonderful recipes on her space. I recently bookmarked her unique Carrot chutney recipe to try.

Sasmita wants some colorful drinks. So here is a splash of colour for you in a healthy way. As I mentioned above recipe is very easy. I have used black grapes, mango and strawberry but you can use any fruits of your choice. Just crush the fruits separately with a fork and layer them in a tall glass. Keep the glass in freezer for 30 minutes to set the layers. Top with some chopped fruits and your fruit parfait is ready to serve. Enjoy chilled.


Black grapes – 1 cup

Strawberry – 1/2 cup + for topping

Mango – 1/2 cup + for topping

Mint leaves to garnish


1. Wash the fruits properly. Drain the water.

2. On a plate crush 1/2 cup grapes with a fork. Pour the crushed grapes into a tall glass.

3. Peel and chop the mango into small pieces. Crush the pieces with a fork. Layer the crushed mango over crushed grapes in the glass. See notes for more options.

4. Similarly crush the strawberry with fork and layer them over crushed mango.

5. Again crush remaining black grapes and make a layer over strawberry. Now make two thin layer of little crushed mango and strawberry. If you are using smaller glass then skip this step.

6. Keep the glass in freezer for 30 minutes to set. After 30 minutes take out the glass from freezer and top with chopped mango and strawberry. Garnish with black grapes and mint leaves.

Your colorful fruit parfait is ready to serve. Enjoy chilled. Stay healthy stay happy stay safe!


1. You can use any fruit of your choice.

2. You can also muddle some mint leaves and make a layer between the fruits.

3. Fruits are enough sweet so you don’t need any sweetener but you can add little powdered sugar or honey with crushed fruits if you like. Better to enjoy without any sweetener.

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  1. The fruit Parfait looks oh so beautiful with colorful layers of fresh fruits ! Can’t take my eyes off and feel like grabbing one right off the screen.

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