Lockdown Recipes/ Recipes With Limited Ingredients

Lockdown recipes or recipes with limited resources. Without lockdown it may be difficult to prevent infections from spreading. So please stay home stay safe 🙏

During lockdown we have to cook with whatever we have in our pantry. We people of Uttar Pradesh, India are lucky enough that we are getting all the vegetables at our doorstep. Thanks to our Chief Minister for the proper arrangement. But if you don’t have fresh vegetables then you can use different types of pulses or dal, chana or chickpeas and rajma, potatoes, tomatoes, onion or frozen corn, green peas, eggs etc. You can make paneer or cottage cheese if you have milk. Get the recipe to make paneer or cottage cheese here.

Cook something delicious for your family and enjoy the time with them. These days will pass and everything will be fine again. Just be careful and take care of yourself. Here are some recipes with pulses, rice and potatoes for your convenience. Check whatever you have in your pantry.

Recipes with lentil

1. Yellow and red lentil cutlets

2. Dal rasam

3. Dal corn paneer pakoda

4. Dal makhani

5. Goan dal curry

6. Dal kanda or dry chana dal fry

7. Black chickpea curry

8. Beetroot dal

9. Red lentil

10. Dal palak

11. Red lentil fritters in gravy

12. Sprouts sundal

13. Egg dal tadka

14. Green moong uttapam

15. Kidney beans spinach Kabab

16. Green lentil soup

17. Green gram Kabab

18. Red lentil soup

19. Lentil lemon soup

20. Lentil fritters

21. Sprouts and oats pan fried cutlets

22. Lentil patties in mustard gravy

23. Mangodi

24. Green gram carrot spinach soup

25. Oats soya green gram toast

26. Chana madra

Recipes with potatoes

1. Spicy potatoes with tamarind

2. Cilantro or coriander red potatoes

3. Potato with green peas

4. Dahi aloo or potato in yogurt gravy

5. Grilled potatoes

6. Potato curry with kachodi

7. Batata bhaji or Maharashtrian dry potatoes

8. Dum aloo

9. Peanut potatoes

10. Chickpeas potato dry curry

11. Potato pie

12. Potatoes with nigella seed and tomato

13. Savoury potato cake

14. Potato barnyard millet cutlets

15. Stuffed potatoes

16. Aloo chop or potato fritters

17. Masala aloo or spicy potato

18. No onion garlic potato curry

19. Aloo ke gutke

20. Matar nimona

21. Panch phoran tarkari

22. Kashmiri dum aloo

23. Aloo kabli or chaat

24. Aloo kofta curry

25. Luchi dum aloo

26. Aloo paneer

Chana madra

Recipes with rice

1. Korean rice or egg fried rice

2. Chutney pulao

3. Spanish moulded rice

4. Mint rice

5. Beetroot rice and raita

6. Mexican rice

7. Carrot rice

8. Tricolour rice

9. Mexican green rice

10. Rice kheer or pudding

11. Corn peas barista fried rice or pulao

Select any recipe according to the availability of ingredients. Or tell what ingredient you have, I will give you the recipe with whatever you have. Hope it helps. Everyone stay safe stay healthy.

If you tried my recipe, you can share your food pictures with me in the social network sites by using hashtag, #batterupwithsujata I would love to see your creations.

I would love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts and suggestions in comment.

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