Beetroot Green With Peas And Corn

Beetroot green with green peas and corn.
Don’t discard the beet greens. You can make delicious and healthy side dish with it. Green peas and sweet corn made it attractive and super tempting. Even kids will love this healthy and yummy beetroot green. Serve it with steamed rice or any bread.


Have a look at the health benefits of beetroot green.
Besides supplying good amounts of protein, phosphorus, and zinc, beet greens are also a great source of fiber. Packed with antioxidants, they’re high in vitamin B6, magnesium, potassium, copper, and manganese, and low in fat and cholesterol. Based on a 2,000 calorie diet, daily values of beet greens contain: 220% of vitamin A, 60% of vitamin C, 16% of calcium, and 15% of iron.

As if that weren’t enough, studies have also shown that the vitamin K in beet greens contains blood clotting properties, helps ward off osteoporosis, works with calcium to boost bone strength, and may also play a role in fighting Alzheimer’s disease. Beet greens have a higher iron content than spinach, and a higher nutritional value than the beetroot itself.

The vitamin A content in beet greens helps strengthen the immune system and stimulates production of antibodies and white blood cells. The beta-carotene in vitamin A is a known antioxidant that can fight the effects of free radicals in the body along with cancer and heart disease.


Recipe is very simple and easy. If you have the ingredients ready then you can make it in a jiffy. You need only green peas corn, garlic, ginger chilli and cumin with beetroot green to make this delicious side dish.


Beetroot green – 2 cup, chopped

Green peas – 1/2 cup

Sweet corn – 1/2 cup boiled

Garlic cloves – 2 – 3, minced

Green chilli – 1, finely chopped

Cumin seeds – 1/2 teaspoon

Ginger Julienne – 1 tablespoon

Cumin powder – 1/2 teaspoon

Sugar – a pinch

Salt to taste

Mustard oil – 1 tablespoon

Ginger julienne to garnish


1. Heat oil in a pan. Add cumin seeds and let them crackle.

2. Add minced garlic, chopped green chilli and ginger Julienne.

3. Saute till the garlic becomes brown.
Now add beetroot green, corn, green peas, salt and cumin powder. You can also add some fried garlic cloves if you like.

4. Cook on low heat. Stir occasionally. Don’t increase the heat.

5. When beetroot green dried up completely remove from heat.

6. Taste and adjust the seasoning.
Garnish with ginger Julienne.

7. Serve with steamed rice, roti or Indian flat bread or paratha.


1. Grated ginger can be used instead of ginger julienne.

2. You can add 1 sliced onion with garlic if you like. Fry the onion with garlic, ginger and chilli.

3. You can also add some fried garlic cloves if you like.

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17 thoughts on “Beetroot Green With Peas And Corn”

  1. You r absolutely right.. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘.
    I always use beetroot green, never waste them. Thanks for giving us healthy information and recipe.
    All your beetroot recipe r highly appreciable, be it smoothie or juice.
    And now this. I never tried Corn but definitely try now and let you know how it tastes to me. Thanks once again. πŸ™πŸ™

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