Masor Tenga Or Tangy Fish Curry

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Masor tenga or tangy fish curry.
This is a signature dish of Assam, a beautiful state of North East India.

This masor tenga or tangy fish curry is a light and tangy dish. The souring ingredients of this sour fish curry are lemon or tomato which gives the dish a tangy taste.

This post is going to be a part of #Foodiemonday #Bloghop. This week’s theme is cuisines of North East India.


I am presenting a signature dish of Assam. A beautiful state of North East India.
Assam has an incredible range of culture.

Assam is known for Assam tea and Assam silk. The first oil well in Asia was drilled here. It has amazing wild life and oldest oil refineries.  The state has famous Kamakhya temple too.

Assam is a state in Northeast India. Located south of the eastern Himalayas, Assam comprises the Brahmaputra Valley and the Barak Valley.

Assamese cuisines is characterized by less spices and strong flavour.
This masor tenga is very easy to make and lightly spiced.



Rohu fish  – 4-5 pieces

Tomatoes  – 4-5 chopped

Fenugreek seeds or methi – 1/2 teaspoon

Salt to taste

Turmeric powder  – 1 teaspoon

Mustard oil  – 1 tablespoon

Green chilli  – 2 slit optional

Coriander leaves  – 1 – 2 tablespoon chopped

Kashmiri red chilli powder  – 1 teaspoon optional

Oil for frying the fish

Juice of 1/2 lemon



Marinate the fish pieces with salt and 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder for 8 – 10 minutes.

Finely chop the tomatoes. Slit green chilies and keep aside.
Fry the fish pieces till golden brown and take out from the oil.

Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a pan. You can use the same oil which is used to frying the fish. Add fenugreek seeds. When the seeds turns brown remove them from the oil. Discard the seeds.

Now add chopped tomatoes and green chilies. Add salt, turmeric powder and Kashmiri red chilli powder. Green chilli is optional. If you don’t like spicy omit it. I have added Kashmiri red chilli powder for colour.

Saute till the tomatoes becomes mushy and dried up.
Gently slide the fish pieces and add water as require. I have made a thick gravy.

Add chopped coriander leaves. Cover and cook on simmer for 10 minutes or until done.

Uncover and gently turn the fish pieces. Add more water if require.
Taste and adjust the salt and switch off the flame. Add lemon juice and mix well.

Garnish with coriander leaves and slit green chilli.
Serve hot with steamed rice.

Enjoy the lightly spiced delicious fish curry with hot steamed rice.

Kiwi Ginger Lime Cooler



Kiwi ginger lime cooler
A very refreshing and yummy drink to beat the heat.

This post is going to be a part of #Foodiemonday #Bloghop event. This week’s theme is interblog challenge.


I adopted the recipe from my friend and a very talented blogger Alaka Jena.
She is a food blogger
from Bhubaneswar. A dedicated mother food photographer food stylist and recipe creator. Her recipes are fairly quick and simple. Loved the way she explain.

Her recipe is mint ginger lime cooler. I have made a little change. Its kiwi ginger lime cooler. Used kiwi and chilled water instead of club soda. And its super yummy and healthy too.

According to Alaka Ginger is sweet, it’s savory, and it’s spicy, all at the same time. Besides being tasty and helping to aid digestion, ginger is also known for it’s anti-nausea benefits. It has also been used for centuries to reduce inflammation.


– Kiwis are a nutrient dense food, meaning they are high in nutrients and low in calories. The possible health benefits of consumingkiwis include maintaining healthy skin tone and texture, reducing blood pressure and preventing heart disease and stroke.



Ginger  – 1 inch piece grated

Kiwi  – 1 washed peeled and chopped

Lime juice  – 1/4 cup

Water  – 4 cup

Sugar  – 1/2  cup

Salt – a pinch

Black pepper powder  – a pinch


Squeeze the juice out of the lemons. And keep aside.
Blend all the ingredients in a blender.

Mix strained lemon juice.
Serve immediately with kiwi wedges. You can add ice cubes too if you want.

Enjoy the chilled yummy kiwi ginger lime cooler in summer.

Veg Stew



Vegetable stew. A very easy to make lightly spiced aromatic stew with mixed vegetables.

Stew is a combination of solid food ingredients that have been cooked in liquid and served in the resultant gravy.


A hot bowl of veg stew is perfect for winter or rainy days. I have got the recipe from my mom in-law.



Cauliflower  – 1 medium

Potatoes  – 4-5 peeled and cubed

Onions  – 6

Tomato  – 6

Ginger  – 1 inch piece

Green peas  – 1/2 cup

Salt to taste

Red chilli powder  – 1 teaspoon or as much your spice tolerance

Black pepper  – 1 teaspoon, crushed or powder

Cardamom  – 4

Cinnamon  – a small stick

Cloves  – 3-4

Bay leaf  – 2

White oil  – 3 tablespoon


Peel the onions and make cubes of 4 onions. Chop the  cauliflower  and 4 tomatoes in large pieces.


Grind 2 onions and ginger.
Crush the cardamom, cinnamon and cloves. Keep aside.

Grind 2 tomatoes separately. You can use only chopped tomatoes too. My mom in-law used big chunks of tomatoes and onion ginger paste. But I ground two tomatoes to make the gravy little thick.

Heat oil in a large pan or kadahi. Add crushed cardamom cinnamon and cloves with bay leaves.

Then add the onion and ginger paste. Saute till the raw smell goes out. Add the ground tomatoes if you want.

Add the chopped vegetables and green peas. Saute for 4-5 minutes. Add the tomato chunks. Saute for 2-3 minutes and add salt, red chilli powder and black pepper. You can add little more black pepper powder or  crushed if you like.

Mix well and add enough water.
Cover and cook till the vegetables becomes tender. Add more water if require. Let it boil again.

Taste and adjust the salt and pepper. Switch off the flame.
Your aromatic warming and delicious vegetables stew is ready.

Serve hot with roti/Indian flat bread, paratha, rice or toasted bread.




Mangodi is a tasty North Indian dish made from moong gram (moong daal) or split green gram lentils.

A spicy dish with moong dal dumplings. And a thick yogurt based gravy.  Need only yogurt, split green gram or moong dal and spices.


Usually moong wari or specially dried moong lentil dumplings are used to make this.
But I made this with fresh moong dal dumplings or fritters/pakoras.


First time tasted it in my neighborhood. Loved the spicy delicious taste.
This week our #Foodiemonday #bloghop theme is North Indian dish. Sharing one of my favourite North Indian dish Mangodi.


Moong dal or green gram is one of the best vegetarian super food. Packed with protein and low on carbs. This dal or gram is a good and filling option for those who wants to shed kilos



For Mangori

Green gram or moong dal  – 1 cup

Green chilli  – 1 finely chopped

Grated ginger  – 1 teaspoon

Cumin powder  – 1 teaspoon

Garam masala powder  – 1/4 teaspoon optional

Salt to taste

Asafetida or hing  – 1/4 teaspoon

For Gravy

Yogurt  – 1 cup

Cumin seeds  – 1 teaspoon

Dry red chilli  – 1-2

Cumin powder  – 1 teaspoon

Coriander powder  – 1 teaspoon

Turmeric powder    1/2 teaspoon

Kashmiri red chilli powder  – 1 tablespoon

Garam masala powder  – 1/4 teaspoon optional

Salt to taste

Green chilli  – 1

Asafetida or hing  – 1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon

Oil  – 1 tablespoon + for deep frying



Grind washed and over night soaked split green gram or moong dal.

Take out in a bowl. Separate 4-5 teaspoon and keep aside.
Add salt and all the spices in the bowl. Add grated ginger, asafetida or hing and chopped green chilli. Beat well. You can add a pinch of baking soda too. I didn’t.

Heat oil in a pan.  Once the oil is hot, drop just about a teaspoon full of ground moong batter in the oil and  deep fry until golden yellow. Keep aside.

Blend yogurt with all the spices and remaining ground split green gram or moong dal. Blend with little water.
Add 1 chopped green chilli too. If you don’t like much spicy skip green chilli.

New heat 1 tablespoon oil in a karahi or pan. Add cumin seeds and let it splutter. Now add 1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon asafetida or hing and dry red chilli. If you like the asafetida or hing flavour add 1/2 teaspoon.

Add yogurt mixture with enough water. Add salt and stir continuously.

Cook for 5-6 minutes. Taste and adjust the seasoning. Delicious Mangodi is ready.
Garnish with chopped coriander leaves. Serve hot with steamed rice or chapati/Indian flat bread.

Green Gram/Moong Carrot Spinach Soup


Green gram carrot spinach soup.
A very healthy and nutritious soup with the goodness of green gram, carrot and spinach.

Green Moong lentils are loaded with nutritional health benefits. By eating Green Mung lentils or dal you get high protein, low calorie food that is packed with vitamins and minerals.
A best filling option for those who wants to shed kilos.

Carrot is also a good source of antioxidant agents. Furthermore, carrots are rich in vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, vitamin B8, folate, potassium, iron, copper, and manganese.

Carrot is also a host of other powerful health benefits including beautiful skin, cancer prevention, and anti aging.

Spinach is an excellent source of vitamin K, vitamin A, manganese, folate, magnesium, iron, copper, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin E, calcium, potassium, and vitamin C. It is a very good source of dietary fiber, phosphorus, vitamin B1, zinc, protein, and choline.

Carrot spinach green gram soup is very easy to make and filling.



Carrot – 1 peeled and chopped

Spinach – 1 cup cleaned washed and chopped

Green gram or whole moong – 1/2 cup washed and soaked for at least 2-3 hours or over night

Tomato – 2 chopped

Onion -1 diced

Ginger  – 1/2 inch piece grated or chopped, optional

Salt to taste

Pepper powder to taste

Lemon juice to taste (optional)

Butter  – 1 tablespoon or as much you like.



Pressure  cook spinach, carrot, onion, tomato, ginger and green gram or whole moong with enough water for 5-6 whistle. You can use butter fried garlic too if you like.

Let the pressure cooker cool down.
Blend in a blender. Boil the mixture with salt and pepper powder. Add water if require 

Taste and adjust the salt and pepper. Add lemon juice if you like.
Serve hot with a spoon full of butter.
Enjoy your low calorie healthy and yummy soup.

Pomegranate Apple Banana Smoothie



Pomegranate apple and banana smoothie. One more dairy free low calorie smoothie.

This post is going to be a part of #Foodiemonday #bloghop. This week our theme is valentine’s day special.


You Will find many gorgeous recipes for valentine’s day.
I am sharing a super healthy and super yummy smoothie recipe.
Kick start your special day with this pomegranate apple and banana smoothie.

Pomegranate is the healthiest food on the earth.
Delicious pomegranate have antioxidants, antiviral and antitumor properties. This fruit is good source of vitamins and folic acid.

Pomegranate consists of more antioxidants than green tea.
Many studies have shown that pomegranate have incredible benefits of our body and lower the risk of all sorts of diseases.

Studies suggest that regular consumption of pomegranates or its juice may reduce the risk of heart disease, reduce high blood pressure and inhibit viral infections.
You can call it a healthy powerhouse.



Pomegranate  – 1

Apple  – 1

Banana  – 1/2

Cashew nuts or raisins  – 2 teaspoon



Use a juicer to take out  pomegranate juice. Or just blend pomegranate seeds for few seconds only. Blend for only 1 pulse. Strain the juice.

You can use 1 cup canned juice too.
Peel and dice the apple. Blend with banana and cashew nuts or raisins in a blender. I have used  cashew nuts. You can add any nuts of your choice.

Serve chilled.
If you don’t like apple or banana you can use strawberry or grapes too.

Make pomegranate strawberry smoothie to get more vibrant colour.
Happy valentine’s day in advance.

Egg In Yogurt Sauce


Egg in yogurt based curry and flavoured with aromatic spices.
Delicious, light and flavorful gravy. Give a different taste to the usual onion tomato based egg curry.

I often make egg curry because its a favourite dish in my home. This time I had no tomato in my pantry so tried this. And believe me taste is finger licking.
Everyone like the new taste.


Egg curry is a great and easy way to add protein in our diet. . Like other animal products, eggs contain complete protein, which means that egg protein provides all the amino acids you need to survive.



Egg  – 4

Onion  – 3-4 chopped

Ginger  – 1/2 inch piece

Garlic cloves  – 3-4

Green chilli  – 1

Yogurt  – 1/2  cup

Cumin powder  – 1 teaspoon

Coriander powder  – 1/2 teaspoon

Turmeric powder  – 1/2 teaspoon

Kashmiri red chilli powder  – 1 tablespoon

Salt to taste

Sugar  – 1/4 teaspoon optional

Cardamom  – 4 broken

Cinnamon  – a small stick

Cloves  – 3

Mustard oil  – 2 tablespoon


Boil and peel the eggs. Pierce with a knife to helps the eggs to absorb flavours. Keep aside.

Grind onion, garlic, ginger and green chilli.
Mix all the spices, salt and sugar in the well beaten yogurt, mix well.

Heat oil in a nonstick pan. Fry the eggs till light brown and keep aside.
Add broken cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and bay leaf. Saute and add onion, garlic, ginger and green chilli paste.

Saute till oil leaves the sides.
Now add the yogurt mixture. Saute till oil leaves the sides.

Now add water to make thick gravy. Add the eggs. Let it boil. Cover and cook on simmer for 5-6 minutes.

Yogurt based egg curry is ready. Garnish with coriander leaves and green chilli.

Serve with steamed rice, roti or Indian flat bread, paratha, naan, pulao or toasted bread.

Chicken Clear Soup



Chicken soup, a popular home remedy for the common cold. And very easy to make.

Healthy easy to digest and packed with nutrition.
You can add any vegetables,  pasta or noodles to make it a wholesome one pot meal.

Chicken is a rich source of amino acid, good supply of protein content, essential vitamins and minerals. Its also helps in losing weight and blood pressure control.

A hot bowl of chicken soup warm you up and also drive away cold and flu.



Chicken  – 2 large pieces

Carrot  – 1/2 thick sliced

Onion  – 1 diced

Tomato  – 1 roughly chopped

Cloves  – 2-3

Cinnamon  – 1 small stick

Bay leaf  – 1

Spring onion  – 1 chopped

Lemon juice  – 1 teaspoon

Butter  – 1 teaspoon optional

Salt to taste

Black pepper powder to taste


Pressure cook chicken, carrot, onion, tomato, spring onion, bay leaf, clove and cinnamon with water for 5-6 whistle.

You can add vegetables of your choice. Add garlic with the chicken and vegetables if you like.

Let the pressure cooker cool down.
Strain the soup and boil it again.
Taste the salt. Add if require. Add black pepper powder.

Garnish with chopped spring onion or coriander leaves.
Serve hot with lemon juice.

You can add a spoon full of butter if you like.
Enjoy the hot bowl of soup in chilled weather.

Khejur/Khajur Gur Kheer/Nolen Gurer Payesh or Rice Pudding With Date Palm Jaggery

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Khejur/khajur gur Kheer/nolen gurer payesh or rice pudding with date palm jaggery.

#Foodiemonday #Bloghop #Theme. Its our 25th bloghop event. So we decided to make something sweet this week to celebrate silver jubilee event.


Kheer or payesh is one of the most famous desserts in Bengal as well as India.
Serving Kheer or payesh is must in every Bengali home on birthdays or any auspicious occasion.

Its a signature dish of Makar Sankranti too. We use date palm jaggery or khajur/khejur gur instead of sugar on this day.
This jaggery is available only in winter. And taste and flavour is heavenly.

Palm jaggery is the most beneficial and nutrients rich variety of raw jaggery. It is prepared from palm tree extract and is loaded with minerals and vitamins.

This pudding/kheer or payesh is very easy to make. You need only 3 ingredients. Milk, rice and date palm jaggery or khajur/khejur gur.




Full cream milk  – 1 and 1/2 litter
Rice  – 5 teaspoon

Khajur gur or date palm jaggery – 1/4 cup or to taste

Cardamom powder  – 1/4 teaspoon optional

Cashew nuts – 3-4 teaspoon or as much you like

Raisins – 3-4 teaspoon




Wash the rice properly. Drain and keep aside.
Soak the raisins in water.

Heat milk in a large heavy bottom pan and let it boil.
Add the rice and let it cook on simmer. Stir in-between and scrape the sides of the pan.

Cook on low flame till the milk thicken. Keep stirring to avoid sticking at the bottom . If you do not stir, it might get burnt at the bottom.
Burning smell can spoil the kheer.

When the kheer get rich creamy texture and rice cooked add date palm jaggery, cashew nuts and raisins. Mix well and taste the sweetness. Add more if require.

Remember to add the jaggery at the end. Jaggery can curdled the milk if you add it at the beginning. Switch off the flame.

Add cardamom powder if you want. I love the jaggery flavour. Its pure bliss so I didn’t use cardamom or anything. Mix well.
Let it cool.

Garnish with sliced almonds and cashew nuts.
Enjoy the rich creamy rice pudding or khajur  gur kheer/khejur gurer payesh chilled or hot as you like.
I like it chilled.