Peanut Chutney Or Dip



I promised to post the recipe of peanut chutney or dip.

Peanuts are good for heart and carry almost all the qualities of other popular kernels like pistachio, almonds etc.

Peanuts are good source of vitamins. These are essential for optimum health and wellness. So we should try to include it in our everyday meal.

If you like the taste of peanut try this chutney or dip. You will love the taste.

I used green chilli but you can use dry red chilli too for the colour.
You can add little tamarind to make the chutney more tangy.




Peanut  – 2 tablespoon

Tomato  – 2 large chopped

Green chilli  – 2-3 chopped

Garlic  – 3-4  pod chopped, you can add more if you like the garlicky taste.

Mustard seeds  – 1 teaspoon

Curry leaves  – 1 teaspoon chopped

Dry red chilli  – 1 for garnishing


Dry roast the peanuts, remove the skin, ground and keep aside.

Heat oil in a pan. Fry 1 dry red chilli and keep aside for garnishing.

Add mustard seeds and let them splutter.

Now add garlic fry until it becomes light brown. Add curry leaves then green chilli and chopped tomatoes.

Stir and add salt, cumin powder. Stir well. When the tomatoes becomes soft switch off the flame.

Let it cool. Grind them. Add ground peanuts and juice of 1 lemon, grind again.

Taste the seasoning and adjust.
Pour in a glass bowl garnish with fried red chilli.

Serve with steamed idli, dosa, cutlets, paratha or any other dishes.

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I am Sujata Roy. A homemaker, a doting mother to two beautiful grown up children, a blogger, a passionate cook and lastly a foodie. Experimenting in the kitchen is what I love and enjoy doing the most. Specially experimenting with vegetarian dishes and egg-less cakes and cookies is what interests me more. My loved ones are fond of vegetarian cuisines, so I have them in my mind whenever I dish out a new recipe. However, I do not limit my experimental cooking to vegetarian recipes only, non-vegetarian recipe ideas are also dished out. Thank you for visiting my blog. Happy Cooking!

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